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Dance Show

Hello, my friends. How are you?

It's sunny but windy again.

This is Boy sending you Bmam's message.

Today, Bmam is going to tell you about
"Seven Samurais" dance show she watched yesterday.

Do you know Papaya Suzuki?

He says "maiu~~" in "DEBUYA" TV program.

Do you dance?

Bmam loves all kinds of dances.
such as classical ballet, hip-hop, jazz, hula and folk dance, and thing like that.

But she dances only a little
and doesn't know technical terms about dance at all.

But enjoys watching dance shows.

What kind of dance
do you like?

At "Seven Samurais" lead by Papaya Suzuki,
dances with musical comedy attracted the crowds.

Bmam laughed a lot.

When Papaya just appears on the stage, some girls close to the stage laugh.

When other dancer comes on the stage, lot of audiences give big hands.
Why not?

Each dancer is very professional and looks top level of the kind
in seven different genres.

All dancers perform all kinds
but Bmam thinks they may be specialized in
contemporary ( Tomohiko Tujimoto),
hip-hop ( Gunsei, Jun), classical ballet (Hiro Natori),
locking (Kenji Sakami), jazz, R&B and so on (Kurosu, Papaya).

Bmam was impressed by their beautiful dances and soft motion.

Of the sevens, Bmam likes Gunsei, Tomohiko Tujimoto and Hiro Natori.

Once Papaya stepped down from the stage,
some girls in front seats yelled,

"Papaya is too close! What a big face he has!"

Papaya talked back, " Because my body is too small for my face."

Ooops time is up.

Talk to you later.

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cooking with leftover

It's windy today. But Bmam blieves bright spring is coming with this wind.

By the way, Bmam tells you about what's cooked for lunch today.

It is eleven thirty,時計 time for lunch.
Bmam looks into her fridge for leftover.
There are a cup of rice, boiled broccoli sprouts, shitake mushrooms, onions,
an yellow paprika and some milk there.

The left rice is too small amount for two people.汗・涙1
OK, gratin? or coquille? comes to her mindピカーンキラキラ2

Bmam fries onion, shitake and carrot all cut in cubes
while boiling thinly sliced potato.ダッシュ汗・涙1
On another stove, stirring flour and butter for white sauce.

Then, mix cooked vegetable with white sauce,
Oops, never forget to add tuna flakes.顔7

Here you have to remember to warm your oven.グッド

Put sliced potatoes, then mixture of white sauce in gratin dish.
On the dish, add more white sauce, broccoli sprouts,
and cheese for its very top.

Grill it for six minutes.

ナイフとフォークNow you can have it. with a warm vegetable dish (po・ar・e) with tomatoes, eggplant, a scallop , and squid.

Ummm・・・・ yummy.顔5


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tasty ramen

It was warm and beautiful day.晴れ

Hi, there. How are you?
Today's topic is about a budget gourmet.ナイフとフォーク

Today Bmam went to hot area around Nagoya Station,
browsing around Big Camera and the newly opened Square.

Bmam wasn't interest in the view there, but
what fun once Bmam got up the 15th floor of JR tower
and looked buildings and streets not below but in front.
The new tall building looked like just next to Bmam.

The face of this area has changed a lot. And the flow of people as well.

By the way, Bmam had a nice ramen in Esca underground mall.

The Chinese restaurant is "Xiang chi dan dan mian."

Two type of dandanmian (tantanmen)
that made of sesame seed & its oil, red peppers and chicken soup.
The soup is made of legs of chicken, they say.

almond jelly
that contains dry seed of apricot kernel (annin) for dessert.

Bmam often cooks apricot kernel
because it's her favorite.
Do you cook it ?

Spices ( dry seed of apricot kernet in the center) displayed.

Do you like something spicy hot cook? If so,
why don't you try them when you hang around " Esca"?

Talk to you more
Once in a while, Bmam will write an article.

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Blossoms in Bmam Garden

Hello, my friends. How have you been?
Fine矢印1 ? Good!顔2
This is Boy telling a story of Bmam.

Bmam suffers from allergy of this season.
How about you?
Are you free from allergy?


After a bit long absence from this blog, some flowers have gone,
but some are blossoming.

Spiraea thunbergii(yukiyanagi)

Japanese apricot with pink flower

Japanese apricot with white flower

Corylosis spicata (tosamizuki)


Sugar comes once in three weeks. She has changed greatly.顔8

But Bmam could not take any of her picture.

We think maybe, Sugar has delivered her babies.顔6

We hope to see you soon.

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