メールアドレスを入力して登録する事で、このブログの新着エントリーをメールでお届けいたします。 解除は→こちら
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Computer terms are very difficult for Bmam.
Hope Bmam will make this story clear in English.顔10汗・涙1

But Bmam worries and is afraid that this story provokes spammers to write more.顔7雨

When did spams start to come!?

It was on the break of 2007.顔8

Since then, Bmam has been suffering from spammers writing into Bmam's comments box and trackback box.顔7

How do they look like!?
Most of the spam messages look odds, have no meaning.
Bmam can read only letters of "tag" that is something like a homepage language.
Some write dirty, embarrassing and explicit words.

What type of spams are they!?
Some of the spammers try to lead Bmam to pornographic sites.
They left the URL.
Some of the spammers try to make fool of Bmam.
(Bmam never surrenders.パンチ)
They are innocuous, almost harmless in one sense but disgusting.カチン

Counter measures Bmam took!!
Bmam banned all their IP addresses and words left by those spammers.チョキ


But some of the spammers made false IP addresses.
( Because the spammers seem to be digital natives,
they can manipulate, change their real IP addresses and others information easily. While Bmam is not a digital native.)
So, Bmam can not ban and stop all the spammers
to write comment on Bmam's box.顔7矢印2

One more counter measure!!
Now Bmam has made a change of the registration of comments.
So, all comments on Bmam's box will be displayed after Bmam says "alright".キラキラ

There might be a little time differences.
But, your comment will be displayed anyway. ハート1

Inquiry and asking

If you have the same experience as Bmam's,
please leave your comment.顔2

If you have some idea to get rid of spams,
please leave your comment.顔5

Bmam will appreciate your help.
Thank you.
Bmam is looking forward to your comments on this topic.

Talk to you sooner. (^.^)/~~~顔2パー  

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Happy New Year (おおあくびです)

Bmam has been busy to visit both of her parents
during the New Year's holidays.ダッシュ汗・涙1
So, I have been bored.顔4

Sugar came to greet Bmam.

On the third day of the New Year,
Bmam went to enjoy hot-spring
in Ena Kokusai Hotel, Gifu Pref..クルマ1

The spa is salty but makes skins very smooth.顔5
Whenever Bmam visits the spa,
there are only a few guests to be with.
That is the most charm of this spa. チョキ
Sometimes Bmam can use two bath tubs in and out door by herself.
Very relaxing isn't it?矢印1

Hope you all had a nice Holiday!

By for now (^.^)/~~~パー

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