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Hi, there!

Hello, there!

I am Boy. My boss is Bmam.

I have to tell you why my boss doesn't write you these days,
and pictures in her garden during her absence as well.

Sugar now

Sugar before

A newcomer

A visiter stayed for three nights

Bmam has been busy because she works on the project.
You have time to look at?
Why don't you visit this site?

You would like to join the conference?
You can apply for it
from a half day course.

Take care.
I hope we will meet you sooner.

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Long time no see!

It's been a long time since she wrote you last.
Bmam has been so hectic that she cannot update this site for a while.
But, we are doing well.
Sugar comes Bmam garden as usual.
And Bmam harvested berries from her garden.
Moreover, a raccoon dog has come back to her garden, too.

Take care my friends.
Bmam will write you as soon as possible.

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Dance Show

Hello, my friends. How are you?

It's sunny but windy again.

This is Boy sending you Bmam's message.

Today, Bmam is going to tell you about
"Seven Samurais" dance show she watched yesterday.

Do you know Papaya Suzuki?

He says "maiu~~" in "DEBUYA" TV program.

Do you dance?

Bmam loves all kinds of dances.
such as classical ballet, hip-hop, jazz, hula and folk dance, and thing like that.

But she dances only a little
and doesn't know technical terms about dance at all.

But enjoys watching dance shows.

What kind of dance
do you like?

At "Seven Samurais" lead by Papaya Suzuki,
dances with musical comedy attracted the crowds.

Bmam laughed a lot.

When Papaya just appears on the stage, some girls close to the stage laugh.

When other dancer comes on the stage, lot of audiences give big hands.
Why not?

Each dancer is very professional and looks top level of the kind
in seven different genres.

All dancers perform all kinds
but Bmam thinks they may be specialized in
contemporary ( Tomohiko Tujimoto),
hip-hop ( Gunsei, Jun), classical ballet (Hiro Natori),
locking (Kenji Sakami), jazz, R&B and so on (Kurosu, Papaya).

Bmam was impressed by their beautiful dances and soft motion.

Of the sevens, Bmam likes Gunsei, Tomohiko Tujimoto and Hiro Natori.

Once Papaya stepped down from the stage,
some girls in front seats yelled,

"Papaya is too close! What a big face he has!"

Papaya talked back, " Because my body is too small for my face."

Ooops time is up.

Talk to you later.

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cooking with leftover

It's windy today. But Bmam blieves bright spring is coming with this wind.

By the way, Bmam tells you about what's cooked for lunch today.

It is eleven thirty,時計 time for lunch.
Bmam looks into her fridge for leftover.
There are a cup of rice, boiled broccoli sprouts, shitake mushrooms, onions,
an yellow paprika and some milk there.

The left rice is too small amount for two people.汗・涙1
OK, gratin? or coquille? comes to her mindピカーンキラキラ2

Bmam fries onion, shitake and carrot all cut in cubes
while boiling thinly sliced potato.ダッシュ汗・涙1
On another stove, stirring flour and butter for white sauce.

Then, mix cooked vegetable with white sauce,
Oops, never forget to add tuna flakes.顔7

Here you have to remember to warm your oven.グッド

Put sliced potatoes, then mixture of white sauce in gratin dish.
On the dish, add more white sauce, broccoli sprouts,
and cheese for its very top.

Grill it for six minutes.

ナイフとフォークNow you can have it. with a warm vegetable dish (po・ar・e) with tomatoes, eggplant, a scallop , and squid.

Ummm・・・・ yummy.顔5


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tasty ramen

It was warm and beautiful day.晴れ

Hi, there. How are you?
Today's topic is about a budget gourmet.ナイフとフォーク

Today Bmam went to hot area around Nagoya Station,
browsing around Big Camera and the newly opened Square.

Bmam wasn't interest in the view there, but
what fun once Bmam got up the 15th floor of JR tower
and looked buildings and streets not below but in front.
The new tall building looked like just next to Bmam.

The face of this area has changed a lot. And the flow of people as well.

By the way, Bmam had a nice ramen in Esca underground mall.

The Chinese restaurant is "Xiang chi dan dan mian."

Two type of dandanmian (tantanmen)
that made of sesame seed & its oil, red peppers and chicken soup.
The soup is made of legs of chicken, they say.

almond jelly
that contains dry seed of apricot kernel (annin) for dessert.

Bmam often cooks apricot kernel
because it's her favorite.
Do you cook it ?

Spices ( dry seed of apricot kernet in the center) displayed.

Do you like something spicy hot cook? If so,
why don't you try them when you hang around " Esca"?

Talk to you more
Once in a while, Bmam will write an article.

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Blossoms in Bmam Garden

Hello, my friends. How have you been?
Fine矢印1 ? Good!顔2
This is Boy telling a story of Bmam.

Bmam suffers from allergy of this season.
How about you?
Are you free from allergy?


After a bit long absence from this blog, some flowers have gone,
but some are blossoming.

Spiraea thunbergii(yukiyanagi)

Japanese apricot with pink flower

Japanese apricot with white flower

Corylosis spicata (tosamizuki)


Sugar comes once in three weeks. She has changed greatly.顔8

But Bmam could not take any of her picture.

We think maybe, Sugar has delivered her babies.顔6

We hope to see you soon.

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Favorite Dentist

Hello, my friends. How are you?

This is Boy sending you Bmam's message.
Today, Bmam is going to tell you about her favorite dentist.

entrance of the Smile Dental Clinic in Horo-cho Tenpaku


Bmam has visited a dentist once a month for these six months
to have a check-up and treatment if necessary.

Bmam enjoys visiting there, in spite of a bit longer distance. クルマ1若葉マーク


There're two reasons.

First, the dentists are kind.

Second, Bmam used to get sick and uneasy at many dental clinics顔15
because of stress or fear,顔13汗・涙1

But, Bmam is stress free in this treatment room.顔4


How kind?

the director, hygienists and a receptionist of the clinic

The dentist listens to patients' claims carefully
and gives possible plans for the treatment.オーケー

So his patients can choose and receive the treatment they want,
without any anxiety.晴れ


Moreover, this dental clinic offers short period treatment.時計
And it offers a bit longer time with intensive treatment at a time.

So patients do not need to visit a dentist for many days.
One day or a couple of days' visit is enough,
though it depends on how serious the tooth troubles are.


One more reason is in its equipment.

The treatment booths are divided by each patient.
and gives patients a relaxing time without any pressure of fear.顔2

Bmam's favorite chair

Why so relaxing ?

The chair is very comfortable.顔5

And the TV monitor in front of a chair always shows
nice scenery of the world heritages.四つ葉

So, Bmam bets
you will feel to be a first class passenger on a plane 飛行機
if you sit on the chair.

It is relaxing.ZZZ
Bmam enjoys the pictures of screen
while waiting and getting the treatment.ラクダ

Bmam's favorite TV monitor


Is she chicken?矢印1
Don't you feel fear and uneasy at a dental clinic?顔7矢印1

Now Bmam never feels fear and anxiety at the clinic.
And Bmam loves to visit the dentist.

Talk to you soon. イヌ 名古屋嬢

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New Stereo Set

Hello, my friends. How have you been?

Hope this blog letter finds you well.
This is Boy, sending you Bmam's message.

By the way, Bmam's computer is working now.
Thank you for remembering us.イヌ + 名古屋嬢

Today Bmam is going tell you
about a stereo set for her living room.

Bmam had her broken stereo set and sent it to be repaired.顔16

But, but,,,,, Bmam can not wait for it to be back.

On last Sunday, Feb. 18, Bmam and her husband
went to an home appliance shop .ダッシュ汗・涙1
with her computer to be fixed.

There, Bmam found a reasonable 顔8
and a more sophisticatedキラキラ2
compact component stereo.ウサギ
on special sale.

Because it is time for freshmen of universities
or newly employed to buy these things.

It has functions of
CD, MD, a tape recorder and an AM-FM radio tuner.
and costs less than thirty thousand yen.

Sounds good, doesn't it!?

Now Bmam's husband enjoys music with the bland-new stereo.

We Are Happy now.チョキ

But what to do with an old stereo set.顔7

ピカーンMaybe, we will put it in a study room.


Boy will be talking to you soon.

by for now イヌ +  名古屋嬢


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Visit England (Study abroad 2)

Bmam is going to tell you about one of her experience on
difficulty with intercultural communication.


Bmam had many friends before going to the States
(the United States of America).
The friends were from Australia, Britain, Canada, US and New Zealand.

Bmam enjoyed teaching them flower arrangement
and outings with them here in Nagoya,
visiting restaurants, museums,
shrines and temples,
baseball games and shopping.

But all of them have been back to their homes
for more than ten years ago.顔15
(This is an old story.)


(Bmam flew from Narita to Brussels , and to Manchester by herself.)

Bmam visited a friend of those, Liz in Chester, England
form April 24 to May 15 in 1995 and in August, 1998.

(a butcher in down town Chester)

(a sign of Maiden Castle where Loyal family once visited)

One day in 1995, Liz planned a pub hopping for Bmam.
Liz tried how many pubs we could go in one night.

(Walfeld Gate. we walked on the top of this wall.)

Over 30 people joined the plan.
They are many British, some French, some Spanish
and one Japanese people, that was Bmam.

They visited more than ten pubs that night.

But all did not look drunken at all.
You know, Western people are usually stronger
to alcohol than the Japanese.

Only seven people remained at the last place.
It was almost two o'clock in the morning.
And all the seven went to an Indian restaurant.

When they were waiting for their dishes,
Francois, a young French boy asked Bmam,
" What do you think about the Chinese?"

Bmam answered diplomatically (carefully).
He was not satisfied with Bmam's response.
So, he asked the same question again and again.
He seemed to expect Bmam to answer something criticizing the Chinese.
But Bmam didn't do so.

Francois questioned Bmam furiously.顔14
Bmam gradually got uncomfortable 顔7and argued, might be, in a lauder voice.パンチ汗・涙1

All the customers in that restaurant were all ears.マイク

What's the outcome?

Liz suddenly shouted, " We are the children of universe."四つ葉

Then, all the audience in the restaurant
clapped their hands with applause. グッド花束

Francois shut his mouth. So did Bmam.

Later Bmam thought that she shoud have asked Francois
what to hear from Bmam.

( Thorntons confectionery; British favorite chocolate shop)

Since then Bmam had a concern about Chinese people and the government.

As for appearance, the Chinese looks like the Japanese.
But it is very hard for Bmam to understand them well.

コーヒー Those day in 1995, Chaina, (People's Republic of China)
was not a world economic power like it is now.

What China was before 2000.

Although Chinese government shifted its
economic policy
from central planning to market-oriented socialism in mid 1980s,
it was still under development in 1995.曇り

On the other hands, the government crushed the pro-democracy protests
at Tiananmen-Square in 1989. (by page 752, The World Almanac)

Do you know the event?

At that crush, 5000 died and 10000 were injured.矢印2

As a result,
China was declined to host the 2000 Olympic Games by the Olympic Commitee,
because of the event, saying violating human rights.カチンパンチ


Are you with Bmam?
May be, Bmam talks too much.

Is it a bit difficult for you to read?
Sorry for that.

Bmam will talk to you later.
Be careful not to catch a cold.

By the way,
Bmam is going to have her computer fixed.矢印2

So she will not write articles for a while,
say, ten days or so.

But she can reply to your comments from another computer.ピカーン

ハート3So leave your message in a comment box.
Bmam will be happy with your comments.


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Bmam's St.Valentine Day

Hi. It was sunny晴れ but windy. 顔10
How are you, our friends?矢印1

Bmam would like to show what she gave to her husband
on the St.Valentine Day.
(too late!? Don't say that please.)

Lemon's strawberry truffe, which Bmam loves.
But he likes only strawberry.顔7

↓This is what Bmam had with her friend today.

Yes, Herbs' cake. ナイフとフォークティー

It was so big that Bmam felt hard to finish the cake.
But she did. 顔6
Instead, she couldn't have dinner.矢印2パンチピュー

By for now.四つ葉顔2パー (^.^)/~~~

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Broken Stereo Set

It's windy but warm inside,晴れキラキラ2 good sunlight.

Hello, here's Boy, by the way.

Before Bmam talking a story, let me tell you about Sugar.
Sugar spoke to Bmam for the first time,
mew, mew twice in low voice the day before yesterday.
Since then, we haven't seen her in Bmam garden.
Did Sugar say farewell ( -_-)y-~~~?Saaad!顔13
We don't want that!

Sugar~~~~! Where are you?

"Misfortunes never come single."
Bmam's mini component stereo set got out of order.
( a chain started with a fridge)

CD player doesn't read CD.顔7
And MD player doesn't read MD,too.顔7
MD player is five years old and made- in- Japan, though.
What's going on with the reputation of made-in-Japan?

So Bmam made a phone call to ON-○-YO.
The staff said they will cost around 30000 yen to fix two.顔8
Then, Bmam went to a home appliance store with the players.
The shop staff said they will cost 23000 yen.顔7

What do you think?

It is prohibitedly expensive to fix, isn't it?

So Bmam check out the prices of new stereo sets.

We can get a brand-new one with from 29000yen to 40000yen.

Ha!? That means we should buy a new one instead getting them repaired.

What do the slogans mean, "What a waste",
"save energy" カチン
and "a concern about environment"?カチン
We can not take environment-friendly attitude
because fixing players is so expensive.パンチ汗・涙1

The high prices of repairing upset Bmam!カチンカチン


But Bmam needs at least one music player.
So she asked to fix a CD player only to a home appliance shop.
Only MD player remains home.

Talk to you soon 顔2パー(^.^)/~~~

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Study abroad 1(一輪咲いた梅)

It was a beautiful day again.

☆a bloom of Japanese apricot☆

But I, Boy myself think it's too warm for February.

Gubernatorial election of Aichi Prefecture was over.
And Mr. Kanda won by small points over Mr. Ishida.
Did you go to your voting station?

By the way, in Japan
we can vote elections automatically
when we get twenty years old.

In the United States, however,
they seem to register to vote
.(Bmam didn't make sure but thinks)
Eighteen years of age or older have the right to vote, though.
After registering, they become eligible voters.

☆ Jessey Hall of MU☆

Why does Bmam think so?
Well. because Bmam saw a scene of registration
on campus of the University of Missouri (MU).

A young man (maybe a student employed temporally;
a part timer)
was asking students passing by
for registration.

Bmam once studied at the University of Missouri.
Bmam is going to talk to you
about her experience abroad more next time,.

but, bye for now 顔2パー (^.^)/~~~

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HomePage Builder 2

It's a warm day again. 晴れ

Bmam has been away from this blog page
because she was busy to update her web pages.ダッシュ汗・涙1

Bmam doesn't like to work with a computer,
because it kills Bmam's energy.顔7
But, but, curiosity ,,,cannot stop Bmam working with computer.

She inserted new technique to make her web pages compact.矢印1

She read two HPB books
and one web site introduced by Daruma-san.

Bmam inserted an Option Menu
and made each title jumped to the related page.
Bmam, you made it!チョキ

Just for reference, Bmam tells you how Bmam did an Option Menu
according to the Japanese version
of Homepage Builder v.7.

1. Point "Sonyu(insert)" of Menu Bar.

2. Select "OptionMenu"of Form & Nyuryokubuhin"

3. Type the name of an article in the box of "Item (I)".

4. Type the URL (of your article or object) in the box of "Value (V)"
and press "Toroku" button.

5. Press "Event" button and select " OnCharge" in the Event box.

6. Type or copy&paste the letters of "
location.href=this.options[this.selectedIndex].value " in the "sukuript (R)" box.

7. Press "Toroku" button and "OK" button.

8. You have to make sure if it works by "Preview".

But, 顔7please remember that Bmam can not take any resposibility on the outcome.

Next challenges are to insert List Box & a SlideShow by Hotmedia.

Bmam will appreciate your tips on" slideshow "and List box."

have a good time顔2パー

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Like a Forrest Gump

lemon blooms in a living room

Hello! I t is beautiful day.
Bmam would like to tell you about her interesting experience happened last week.

Have your watched a movie, Forrest Gump?矢印1
The story started at a bus stop.
Forrest was talking to people waiting for their buses
about what happened in his life from birth to today.
Some people didn't want his talking.
Some people listened to him.

Forrest Gump was born with some brain trouble
and brought up in a good family.キラキラ
He was well educated but naive and innocent.

He had some talent of physical strength
and enthusiasm to do some thing.
In the movie, he ran throughout the States for three and a half years,
just because he felt like running.ダッシュ汗・涙1

He didn't care so much about what others might think about him.
So, when it came to having a chance to talk,
he talked a lot mainly about himself.
But later he realized one of an American dreams,
to be rich enough to live with.

Was he a genius or just a strange man?


By the way, my refrigerator (fridge) didn't make any ice cubes.顔7
So Bmam made a phone call to a customer center of Mitsubishi
to send a repair man. 電話機

Next morning, a tall man rang at Bmam's door bell.
Bmam led him in to the troubling fridge.

He started checking the fridge
and talked about what the problem of it was.
Bmam thought,
"He is good, isn't he !
He can fix it soon and I'll be free from this fridge trouble."
Actually, he fixed it in ten minutes or so. チョキ
He sounded nice enough to find trouble and to fix it in such a short time.

However, ,,, 顔8
he kept on talking about his life from his old disease,
to nice seafood of his hometown in Kyushu,
and nice restaurants there for three hours. 顔7

He kept on talking like Forrest Gump did in the movie.
Bmam gradually getting to feel some fear,顔7uneasy.
She thought in her mind
"Is he alright? He seems to lack some sense, doesn't he?"
" Will he keep talking on and on to me for the rest of the day?"


Bmam decided to fix a cup of coffee for him.
Because his story didn't come to an end yet.
Then he changed his topic to computer.

Judging from his story about computer, he was knowledgeable.
He offered me a software to get movie files from the Internet.
Bmam answered, " I don't need it
because the software might invite computer viruses easily to my computer
and I don't think I can control the virus."

Soon Bmam put aside his empty coffee cup.
This gave him a good sign to leave.
He offered another software to give me and left.

Bmam wonders if he is a genius or just a strange man.
But his talking attitude was almost the same as what Forrest Gump took in the movie.

It was an weird but nice experience to Bmam.

fixed fridge顔5

see you soon顔2パー (^.^)/~~~

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Spring has come!(お庭でキッス)

Hi, there! Long time no see. How have you been?

Bmam is very tired now.
Because she has worked hard on her computer.
Now, she decides to take a break.

It is likely that spring has come in Bmam garden.
Many kinds of wild birds visit here.
I and Bmam don't know much about birds names.
So we make a guess of their names.

Such as a song bird

and great tits .

a bulbul

a pair of white eyes (only one can be seen in the center)

group of daurian redstarts.

no name

and long-tailed tit
(Bmam couldn't take a picture, because this bird stays still only for a few seconds.)

You know, sometimes sugar is on a tree to hunt the birds.

But Sugar has never catched birds,
because Bmam finds her and takes her picture.


Next time, Bmam is going to tell you about HPB.
talk to you sooner.顔2パー

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Computer terms are very difficult for Bmam.
Hope Bmam will make this story clear in English.顔10汗・涙1

But Bmam worries and is afraid that this story provokes spammers to write more.顔7雨

When did spams start to come!?

It was on the break of 2007.顔8

Since then, Bmam has been suffering from spammers writing into Bmam's comments box and trackback box.顔7

How do they look like!?
Most of the spam messages look odds, have no meaning.
Bmam can read only letters of "tag" that is something like a homepage language.
Some write dirty, embarrassing and explicit words.

What type of spams are they!?
Some of the spammers try to lead Bmam to pornographic sites.
They left the URL.
Some of the spammers try to make fool of Bmam.
(Bmam never surrenders.パンチ)
They are innocuous, almost harmless in one sense but disgusting.カチン

Counter measures Bmam took!!
Bmam banned all their IP addresses and words left by those spammers.チョキ


But some of the spammers made false IP addresses.
( Because the spammers seem to be digital natives,
they can manipulate, change their real IP addresses and others information easily. While Bmam is not a digital native.)
So, Bmam can not ban and stop all the spammers
to write comment on Bmam's box.顔7矢印2

One more counter measure!!
Now Bmam has made a change of the registration of comments.
So, all comments on Bmam's box will be displayed after Bmam says "alright".キラキラ

There might be a little time differences.
But, your comment will be displayed anyway. ハート1

Inquiry and asking

If you have the same experience as Bmam's,
please leave your comment.顔2

If you have some idea to get rid of spams,
please leave your comment.顔5

Bmam will appreciate your help.
Thank you.
Bmam is looking forward to your comments on this topic.

Talk to you sooner. (^.^)/~~~顔2パー  

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Happy New Year (おおあくびです)

Bmam has been busy to visit both of her parents
during the New Year's holidays.ダッシュ汗・涙1
So, I have been bored.顔4

Sugar came to greet Bmam.

On the third day of the New Year,
Bmam went to enjoy hot-spring
in Ena Kokusai Hotel, Gifu Pref..クルマ1

The spa is salty but makes skins very smooth.顔5
Whenever Bmam visits the spa,
there are only a few guests to be with.
That is the most charm of this spa. チョキ
Sometimes Bmam can use two bath tubs in and out door by herself.
Very relaxing isn't it?矢印1

Hope you all had a nice Holiday!

By for now (^.^)/~~~パー

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Sugar's back(たそがれてSugar)

Sugar comes back 顔5

Miditating Sugar
She has grown. But Sugar got her fur dirty. WHY!?

It was a nice day, yesterday.
So Bmam was cleaning windows of her living room.

Then, Sugar turned up in the garden.
Bmam called "Sugarsugar, come over here.".
And Bmam gave her some food.

Yummy! Sugar loves dried sardines.

Sugar was waiting for some milk.
Sugar hates to be taken a picture.カチン

Sugar seemed to have enough
and watched something in the garden.
Then, Sugar started chasing something.ダッシュ汗・涙1
That was a bird.

Chasing a bird.

Bmam shouted 顔7顔7
"No, no. Sugar, you shouldn't do that. パンチ汗・涙1
Birds are important guests for Bmam."

Soon, Sugar changed her mind
and climbed on the roof.
Sugar was relaxed there for a while.

Matured she is!

Watching what Bmam is doing.名古屋嬢

Cute and tiny Sugar has gone ハート2
and has come back as an adult femail cat.

And the cleaning was over.キラキラ

Almost purged, right?

Bmam has to go.
But Bmam will talk to you soon.

Have a nice New Year holiday!ハート1

Not so long. (^.^)/~~~パー

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Beef up (元気がでる食事)

In the yearend time, you are too busy and get tired.矢印2
Bmam has been very tired from hard work, too.

Bmam is telling about some cooks that give you energy.

Bmam went to a Korean restaurant.


Beef always fuels Bmam instantly.顔5矢印1
Then Bmam was ready to work again.

Bmam also loves shark's fin on the top of lamian,
Chinese noodles in soup.顔5

Bmam usually goes to Saika Chinese Restaurant
in Meitou-ku.
It serves dishes made from organic ingredients.
Very healthy!顔2

Bmam often cooks Chinese dishes.
These are indispensable to Bmam to cook.キラキラ

Opener and Chinese seasoning

By the way, Sugar has not come near to Bmam lately.顔7顔7
Sugar gets into Bmam garden and passes by in a minute.
Suppose because mating season has come
and Sugar fears male cats.顔10

By for now (^.^)/~~~

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Visiting TCMIT(トヨタ産業技術記念館)

It's getting colder and colder.

By the way,
Bmam visited TCMIT
Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology)
the day before yesterday.
That is located near Meitetsu Sako Station.

It was a bit cold and cloudy.icon02
Bmam worried if it would rain.icon03
So Bmam was in a heavy coat.

Bmam took a local train for Inuyama.
Bmam heard an announcement saying
" Sakoh, next stop is Sakoh."
She got off in a hurry.icon16icon10

But it was not Sako but Sanno.
Bman got off at a wrong station face07
because she was not familiar with taking Meitetsu train.

On the platform of Sanno,
Bmam saw many trains were coming
but they didn't stop at.face07face07

Finally, Bmam got to the museum.face02
It was beautiful buildings made of bricks.

There, Bmam met her friends,
and toured the museum together withicon01.

Bmam learned a lot about Toyoda Sakichi
and his descendant.
Sakichi was a genius with full of ingenuity.
He invented many looms(織機)icon12icon14
in order to produce clothes more efficiently.

His energy and talent of ingenuity icon12
have been handed down to
his sons, nephews and grandsons,
Toyoda Kiichiro, Eiji, Shoichiro and so on.

icon12Bmam saw a nice emblem at the Automobile site.icon12

After having a cup of coffee in the museum,icon28
Bmam walked to Nagoya Station with the friends
and took a picture of the Christmas illumination.icon12icon12

It was a nice outing.
Why don't you visit the museum?icon14

Talk to you soon. (^^)/~~~face02icon23

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