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Favorite Dentist

Hello, my friends. How are you?

This is Boy sending you Bmam's message.
Today, Bmam is going to tell you about her favorite dentist.

entrance of the Smile Dental Clinic in Horo-cho Tenpaku


Bmam has visited a dentist once a month for these six months
to have a check-up and treatment if necessary.

Bmam enjoys visiting there, in spite of a bit longer distance. クルマ1若葉マーク


There're two reasons.

First, the dentists are kind.

Second, Bmam used to get sick and uneasy at many dental clinics顔15
because of stress or fear,顔13汗・涙1

But, Bmam is stress free in this treatment room.顔4


How kind?

the director, hygienists and a receptionist of the clinic

The dentist listens to patients' claims carefully
and gives possible plans for the treatment.オーケー

So his patients can choose and receive the treatment they want,
without any anxiety.晴れ


Moreover, this dental clinic offers short period treatment.時計
And it offers a bit longer time with intensive treatment at a time.

So patients do not need to visit a dentist for many days.
One day or a couple of days' visit is enough,
though it depends on how serious the tooth troubles are.


One more reason is in its equipment.

The treatment booths are divided by each patient.
and gives patients a relaxing time without any pressure of fear.顔2

Bmam's favorite chair

Why so relaxing ?

The chair is very comfortable.顔5

And the TV monitor in front of a chair always shows
nice scenery of the world heritages.四つ葉

So, Bmam bets
you will feel to be a first class passenger on a plane 飛行機
if you sit on the chair.

It is relaxing.ZZZ
Bmam enjoys the pictures of screen
while waiting and getting the treatment.ラクダ

Bmam's favorite TV monitor


Is she chicken?矢印1
Don't you feel fear and uneasy at a dental clinic?顔7矢印1

Now Bmam never feels fear and anxiety at the clinic.
And Bmam loves to visit the dentist.

Talk to you soon. イヌ 名古屋嬢

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remedy for a cold(お薬。えっ!なに?)

Hi, there!

face02icon01 Bmam is very happy today.
Because Bmam is recovering from a cold.
What remedy did Bmam take?

Well, well.
Sugashugar visited her garden.

What's more, Bmam took fruits with full of vitamin Cs.

see you soon ( -_-)y-~~~icon06icon23  

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dark sky 心まで暗い

Will it rain again? icon03Bmam feels she is surrounded by heavy cloud.
Bmam looked up the sky and took this picture.

Bmam had nice lunch twice, icon28face02yestarday and a week ago.
But she is not happy today.
How come?face04
Because she catches a cold. Many people have a cold these days.
Her voice has changed and her face looks miserable.

face06icon10Sorry, the rest of this page is devided into two by topic
and showed in next articles.

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an immunization(予防接種)

I got flu vaccination the day before yesterday.face10
The shot wasn't hurt at all
but I didn't have appetite yesterday.
And, I have been sleepy since then.

Do you know what type of flu we are going to have this winter?icon14

Has anyone got the vaccination?

By for now ( -_-)y-~~~

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