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Broken Stereo Set

It's windy but warm inside,晴れキラキラ2 good sunlight.

Hello, here's Boy, by the way.

Before Bmam talking a story, let me tell you about Sugar.
Sugar spoke to Bmam for the first time,
mew, mew twice in low voice the day before yesterday.
Since then, we haven't seen her in Bmam garden.
Did Sugar say farewell ( -_-)y-~~~?Saaad!顔13
We don't want that!

Sugar~~~~! Where are you?

"Misfortunes never come single."
Bmam's mini component stereo set got out of order.
( a chain started with a fridge)

CD player doesn't read CD.顔7
And MD player doesn't read MD,too.顔7
MD player is five years old and made- in- Japan, though.
What's going on with the reputation of made-in-Japan?

So Bmam made a phone call to ON-○-YO.
The staff said they will cost around 30000 yen to fix two.顔8
Then, Bmam went to a home appliance store with the players.
The shop staff said they will cost 23000 yen.顔7

What do you think?

It is prohibitedly expensive to fix, isn't it?

So Bmam check out the prices of new stereo sets.

We can get a brand-new one with from 29000yen to 40000yen.

Ha!? That means we should buy a new one instead getting them repaired.

What do the slogans mean, "What a waste",
"save energy" カチン
and "a concern about environment"?カチン
We can not take environment-friendly attitude
because fixing players is so expensive.パンチ汗・涙1

The high prices of repairing upset Bmam!カチンカチン


But Bmam needs at least one music player.
So she asked to fix a CD player only to a home appliance shop.
Only MD player remains home.

Talk to you soon 顔2パー(^.^)/~~~

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