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Like a Forrest Gump

lemon blooms in a living room

Hello! I t is beautiful day.
Bmam would like to tell you about her interesting experience happened last week.

Have your watched a movie, Forrest Gump?矢印1
The story started at a bus stop.
Forrest was talking to people waiting for their buses
about what happened in his life from birth to today.
Some people didn't want his talking.
Some people listened to him.

Forrest Gump was born with some brain trouble
and brought up in a good family.キラキラ
He was well educated but naive and innocent.

He had some talent of physical strength
and enthusiasm to do some thing.
In the movie, he ran throughout the States for three and a half years,
just because he felt like running.ダッシュ汗・涙1

He didn't care so much about what others might think about him.
So, when it came to having a chance to talk,
he talked a lot mainly about himself.
But later he realized one of an American dreams,
to be rich enough to live with.

Was he a genius or just a strange man?


By the way, my refrigerator (fridge) didn't make any ice cubes.顔7
So Bmam made a phone call to a customer center of Mitsubishi
to send a repair man. 電話機

Next morning, a tall man rang at Bmam's door bell.
Bmam led him in to the troubling fridge.

He started checking the fridge
and talked about what the problem of it was.
Bmam thought,
"He is good, isn't he !
He can fix it soon and I'll be free from this fridge trouble."
Actually, he fixed it in ten minutes or so. チョキ
He sounded nice enough to find trouble and to fix it in such a short time.

However, ,,, 顔8
he kept on talking about his life from his old disease,
to nice seafood of his hometown in Kyushu,
and nice restaurants there for three hours. 顔7

He kept on talking like Forrest Gump did in the movie.
Bmam gradually getting to feel some fear,顔7uneasy.
She thought in her mind
"Is he alright? He seems to lack some sense, doesn't he?"
" Will he keep talking on and on to me for the rest of the day?"


Bmam decided to fix a cup of coffee for him.
Because his story didn't come to an end yet.
Then he changed his topic to computer.

Judging from his story about computer, he was knowledgeable.
He offered me a software to get movie files from the Internet.
Bmam answered, " I don't need it
because the software might invite computer viruses easily to my computer
and I don't think I can control the virus."

Soon Bmam put aside his empty coffee cup.
This gave him a good sign to leave.
He offered another software to give me and left.

Bmam wonders if he is a genius or just a strange man.
But his talking attitude was almost the same as what Forrest Gump took in the movie.

It was an weird but nice experience to Bmam.

fixed fridge顔5

see you soon顔2パー (^.^)/~~~

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door-to-door delivery (宅配?誰?)

It was cold today. icon14
Bmam has a funny story to tell you.face01

The door bell rang and Bmam answered. icon16

A young door-to-door delivery man stood at the door with a box.

Bmam asked," What are there in the box?.

He answered, "This is a box of prawns for you."

Bmam said, " They must be alive.
Can you feel something moving in the box?"

The young man said, " Oh no! face08
Will you take this box right now?
I don't want to hold this box with moving prawns."

Bmam answered, " Me neither. face10
Will you come again when my husband gets home?"

He asked Bmam, "Ma'am, please get this box now.
It's so scary. " face10icon10
Bmam laughed.face02

Funny isn't he?
He made Bmam's day.face05icon23

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