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remedy for a cold(お薬。えっ!なに?)

Hi, there!

face02icon01 Bmam is very happy today.
Because Bmam is recovering from a cold.
What remedy did Bmam take?

Well, well.
Sugashugar visited her garden.

What's more, Bmam took fruits with full of vitamin Cs.

see you soon ( -_-)y-~~~icon06icon23  

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raccoon dogs お邪魔してます

Well, not a new story but Bmam is going
to tell you about the strange traces in her garden.
Those were a family of raccoon dogs( call raccoon from
now on), two bigger raccoons and two baby raccoons.

Five years ago, the raccoon family visited Bmam garden
every evening. It was in the Autumn.
The family was just walking around her garden
for a while, a month or so.
Then, Bmam heard that the family's boss was run over
by a car on the road.

Since then,
Bmam has never seen the raccoons
in her garden.
But this February,                         
two raccoons visited her                     
and stayed for two months
in her garden.   
Bmam did not give them any food,
but they lived in her garden.

This time,
she could take some pictures
of the raccoons.
Because, once the raccoons looked her,
in her eyes they got frozen.
They didn't move
until Bmam looked away
from their eyes.

A friend of hers
named the raccoon parents
"Rah" and "Coon"
Here're pictures of them.

But Bmam has not seen the family
this Autumn.

Talk to you more about the raccoons later ( -_-)y-~~~

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Sugasugar 私に気がついて

Bmam would like to talk about a newcomer of the garden.
Sugar (a wild cat) usually visits her garden.
But not today.
So, so what Bmam can tell youface07.

In early October, Bmam saw something white
flying in her garden like a fairy .
Next day, the fairy like animal, a wild cat stood in front of the front door
of Bmam's house,
and looked at Bmam to check if Bman would hurt the cat.
Bmam immediately named her Sugar
because Sugar is covered with white fur.
And Bmam gave it small amount of food.
Sugar ate some.

Since then, Sugar visits her garden a couple of times every day.
Bmam thinks that Sugar is a female cat.
So Bmam calls the cat sugasugar.
Sugarsugar is a beautiful young cat.
And Sugasugar loves to catch a fly, a bee, insects or birds.
It runs or flies fast to chase those flying creatures in the garden.
It is fun for Bmam to watch Shugasugar.
But Boy is not happy about it.

next topic is about raccoon dogs~~~~

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dark sky 心まで暗い

Will it rain again? icon03Bmam feels she is surrounded by heavy cloud.
Bmam looked up the sky and took this picture.

Bmam had nice lunch twice, icon28face02yestarday and a week ago.
But she is not happy today.
How come?face04
Because she catches a cold. Many people have a cold these days.
Her voice has changed and her face looks miserable.

face06icon10Sorry, the rest of this page is devided into two by topic
and showed in next articles.

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Visitors to Bmam Garden 初めて

Bmam enjoys herself in the garden.
First comer was a Daurian redstart(ジョウビタキ).

Five years ago, Bmam found strange traces
of some animals.
Bmam is very busy now.
So Bmam will tell you about them later.

Bye for now ( -_-)y-~~~

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Homepage Builder

Bmam decided to make a homepage. face02
First, Bmam read through Homepage Builder User's Guide
by IBM and took a note.Then Bmam tried to create
the homepage for her first time.
But Bmam could not,
because the Guide does not explain enough
and is not kind to a beginner like her at all.
"What shall I do?"face07icon10

Bmam asked for some advice but none gave her a hand.
Bmam rushed to a bookstore icon16
and bought two books of how to make homepage.

Finally, Bmam was able to open the homepage
to the public on Oct. 18.icon22face05

these books are helpful for a beginer

A week ago, Bmam got a trouble again. face07face07
Bmam wants to use a pull-down menu in the homepage.
But the books she bought
and the User's Guide do not explain about the skills.
"What shall I do?"icon10icon10

icon12icon16icon10Today, Bmam rushed to a bookstore
and bought another two books that tell the skills.
The books show the skills not completely but Bmam thinks
these are of great help.
she will be able to insert the pull-down menu tomorrow. icon23
new books Bmam bought today

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an immunization(予防接種)

I got flu vaccination the day before yesterday.face10
The shot wasn't hurt at all
but I didn't have appetite yesterday.
And, I have been sleepy since then.

Do you know what type of flu we are going to have this winter?icon14

Has anyone got the vaccination?

By for now ( -_-)y-~~~

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fresh images from Bmam garden 

Can you believe, basil is blooming and a raspberry is in fruit
now in mid November?

I harvested basil leaves last week, face02
and made two bottles of basil sauce
for preserve.
Then I found its flower this morning.
Ha! face08face08Amazing power of nature, isn't it?

These unexpected growing is,
maybe, because of warm weather.
Or, do these plants usually grow in November?
No, I don't think so.

But I worry face07face07if they will fall their leaves and flower
Because it will get colder than this morning
according to weather forecast.

Talk to you soon. Bye~~icon23

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I am Boy.

Nice to meet you, there.  続きを読む

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